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Important Information


* Parents are advised that we have several students with significant allergy issues, which can cause anaphylaxis reactions. Our allergy alerts are with Peanuts (all nuts), Fish, Shellfish, Kiwi and Visible Egg. Nuts and fish are not be permitted in the building. Regarding the egg allergy, visible eggs, like an egg salad sandwich or egg on a salad, will not be permitted. If egg is in a baked goods product like cookies or breads, it will be okay. Thank you for being attentive to these vital health issues for our students.


One of our positive behavior support programs is our Cool Kids Program. Students follow the Cool Kids Creed which includes listening respectfually, using hands for helping, using caring language, caring for each other's feelings, and acting responsibily. All the students know the creed and enjoy following its principles.

Take some time to review our Cool Kids Creed with your child.