Administration of Medications

Parents and guardians, please note that according to district policy, school staff are only to administer medications to children when they must be taken during the school day, are prescribed by a physician and the parent/guardian has provided written consent.  These forms must be completed before medication can be administered.  Forms must also be updated annually or at any time when there is a change in prescription.  All medication must be in the original container received from the pharmacy and delivered to the school by the adult. Also note that the above also applies to over-the-counter medication.  Students may use puffers independently with parent/guardian approval if approved by the school administration. If approved for self-administration, the parents/guardians will need to complete Form D.

It is extremely important that all parents/guardians are aware and complying with the information above.  Please contact the school  if you need further information.  You can access the forms referenced above in the Forms link under Parent Information - Forms. 

We are most appreciative of your cooperation.