Volunteering at St. Bernard's 2023-2024


Hey there, awesome individuals! Want to be a real-life superhero? Join our school's volunteer team and let's make magic happen together! Your time is like a superpower that can change lives, from helping students discover their passions to supporting teachers in creating unforgettable learning experiences. No capes required—just your enthusiasm and a desire to spread some positive vibes... and a few mandatory forms. 

General Policy Information from NLESD: Volunteers in Schools

Breakfast Program


Please complete these forms:


Once your application to volunteer at St. Bernard's for the 2023-2024 school is approved, you will receive an email with further instructions and contact information for the breakfast program leaders. You will also receive a Volunteer Letter of Approval that you can use to waive the fees for a Certificate of Conduct.

Please note that Certificates of Conduct are required to be renewed every two years. If you have a current Certificate of Conduct that is not expired (24 months), then please email a copy of it, in confidence, to our school Principal at tysonbennett@nlesd.ca . You may also submit it to the main office in a sealed, labelled envelope.


Email the Breakfast Program Leaders to let them know you are now approved and ready to volunteer!